Tomato soup is one of my favourite dishes. It can easily be served with bread or even stand alone dish. The taste is slightly sour, slightly spicy and creamy. If you prefer more sour, you can add 1 more tomato. If you prefer less spicy, reduce the amount of black pepper.



Yield 4 bowls


2 cups of tomato juice (100% pure juice)

4 medium sized tomatos, cut into small sizes

1 carton of whipping cream

1 medium sized white onion, cut finely

3 tablespoons of concentrated chicken soup

4 tablespoons of black pepper

5-10 basil leaves chopped (amount depending on your liking)

1.5 teasooons of salt



Stir fry onion in olive oil till translucent

Add tomato juice and tomatos

Cover with lid and bring the soup to boil

Lower heat, add whipping cream, stir and bring to boil again

Add concentrated chicken soup, salt and give it a stir

Add basil leaves and stir for another minute

It is ready to serve


I love setting this soup aside for 4-5 hours then heat it up and serve as the soup will be more flavorful.